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Our campsite is completely off-grid. No electricty, no 4G, and no WiFi. This allows our guests to fully connect with nature, fully switch off from their hectic lives, and spend time with friends & family.


Our campsite is unique in that it is one of the few truly off-grid sites within the south-west of England.

A study last year showed that over half the British population worry that their children are spending too much time on phones and gadgets. At Chalke Valley, this certainly won’t be a worry!

There is no phone signal on most networks, no electricty (lighting is solar / showers powered by gas), and no WiFi. If you’re absolutely desperate to make a call or check instagram, it requires a gruelling but rewarding hike over scenic pastures to the top of the hill. There are no footpaths running past or through the site, just complete undisturbed tranquillity. That’s why we believe Chalke Valley Camping makes the perfect tech free retreat.

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